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iPhone 8 battery big upgrade to get rid of half a day


The new iPhone, which is called the iPhone 8 in 2017, will definitely bring a lot of technical updates and design updates to people, which has almost become the consensus of all. Of all these changes, of course, the so-called borderless design is the most popular.

There are rumors that the overall size of the iPhone 8 will be comparable to the original 4.7-inch iPhone, but the screen size will be larger because the Home button is removed and the border is reduced. No matter from which point of view, such a new design must be full of attention, which is one of the reasons why the iPhone 8 is particularly expected.

However, in the expectation, some fans may express concern about one of the iPhone 8's, that is, its battery life. For various reasons, the battery technology used in smart phones has not made a substantial breakthrough for many years, which leads to an increase in battery life. In addition to increasing the battery, it is difficult to start from the battery itself, which in turn forms a design trend toward the slimmer mobile phone. Contradictions.

In the iPhone series, it is of course longer that the "Plus" with a larger screen size is longer, and the 4.7-inch version will have less battery life because of the smaller battery size. If the iPhone 8 is as rumored, its battery is supposed to be smaller than the current iPhone 7 Plus and as big as the iPhone 7.

Although this may not be fatal, many sources have pointed out that the iPhone 8 is even more expensive and may even break through $1,000. The price of the flagship phone, but the battery life is not enough "flagship", think about it will make people care.

New rumors come again

Is there any way to reduce the size of the body, but the battery can maintain the best of both worlds? In fact, it really is. The most famous Apple analyst, Guo Mingxi, said that the 4.7-inch IPhone 8 Battery will have the same as the IPhone 7 Plus Battery.

The analyst, who is known for his prediction and breaking the news, wrote:

"Considering that battery material technology is unlikely to have a major breakthrough in the next three to five years, it can only rely on stacked substrate board (Stacked SLP) technology to reduce the motherboard area, allowing the inside of the fuselage to accommodate larger battery strips. Come for longer battery life.

Thanks to the stack-based circuit board substrates, we expect OLED version of the iPhone and 4.7 inches will have similar dimensions LCD version of the iPhone, but the IPhone Battery capacity is equivalent to 5.5 inches of LCD iPhone Edition (2700 mAh with approximately L-shaped two-cell Iphone Battery ). ",

To put it simply, Guo Minghao believes that the iPhone 8 will have a newly designed motherboard, which will greatly reduce the space of the fuselage, thus making room for a larger battery and extending the battery life. As shown in the above figure, the new motherboard (green part) is only about half the size of the old design, allowing the battery to be designed in a bent L shape, occupying the space necessary for the original motherboard.

It is worth mentioning that we all know that in addition to the iPhone 8, Apple is likely to launch two LCD screens with the old design this year, and the picture given by Guo Minghao shows that the 2017 version of the LCD screen is still used by the iPhone. Older motherboards, which means they should not be much different from the previous generation in terms of battery life.

But the problem is: the phone on the motherboard can be very important parts. Suddenly the area has been cut down by a large part, can it still be used?

Not a new new design

A very interesting fact is that the class substrate design is not a brand new original, but has been proposed for some time. Research and Markets, an Irish market research company, released the 2015 global board industry report and future outlook as early as August 2016, saying that the biggest change in the printed circuit board (PCB) industry in 2017 will be a broader class of substrate technology. use.

More interestingly, in this report, the research institute also said that they got news from Apple's supply chain that the iPhone 7s/8 will replace the traditional high-density printed circuit board (HDI) design with this technology, allowing A large number of system-level packaging technologies are introduced (so the substrate-type circuit boards are sometimes referred to as system-level package printed circuit boards in China), and the subsystems are modularized.

Unlike traditional HDI technology, the substrate-like HDI is developed toward fine pitch in the board's line width and line spacing design to better match system-in-package technology. The specific requirement is that the line width and line spacing must be below 35 microns. At this point, the traditional board technology has not been able to meet this requirement.

The report also mentioned that Apple will upgrade a whole traditional circuit board to four small-sized board substrates stacked in 2017, which not only speeds up the introduction of system-level packaging technology, but also frees up more space for more exchange. Large battery capacity. The content mentioned in this report is basically consistent with Guo Mingxi’s statement, which means that its credibility should be very high.

According to industry insiders, this new stacked design is more expensive, which may be one of the reasons why the iPhone 8 is more expensive. It also explains why the two new iPhones outside the iPhone 8 still use the old style. design.

There is another hope

If the iPhone 8 can really adopt such a design and increase the size of the battery, its battery capacity will be 50% higher than that of the 4.7-inch LCD screen iPhone, which is not too big.

More importantly, this way of life iPhone 8 may even be equipped with 2900 mAh battery than the iPhone 7 Plus much longer, because OLED screens do not need backlighting, its power consumption is significantly lower than the LCD version.

If the changes mentioned in the rumor can be achieved, then the iPhone 8 will definitely be a new machine that people can expect. There may have been concerns that the size of the iPhone 8 "shrinks" will affect the follow-up time, but if the information provided by Research and Markets and Guo Mingxi is accurate, then this is no longer a problem, we can even expect further improvement in mobile phone life. . In this way, the progress of the iPhone 8 can be said to be almost all-round.

Of course, the price of all-round progress is that its price has increased. More than just OLED screens, it is understood that the cost of a board-like board is at least 80% higher than that of a conventional board. However, I believe that many fruit powders will still be happy, but after all, such a commemorative new machine is rare.

Now that 2017 has just opened its head, the official announcement of the new iPhone is far from us. The only thing I can do now is to continue to wait.

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